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The #dealflow

Roundtable Series

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💫 Gen Z VC 💫

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The Founders Corner, vol. 2:

Katie Diasti.png

Katie Diasti 

CEO & Founder @ Viv

michael Ogunsanya headshot.jpeg

Michael Ogunsanya

CEO & Founder @ MindStand

Katie Diasti is the Founder & CEO of Viv, an earth-friendly DTC period care brand bringing plastic-free, toxin-free & biodegradable products direct-to-consumer through a subscription model. Viv will disrupt a $37 billion growing market by targeting Gen-Zers and young millennials that have been neglected by traditional period care brands. Viv is built by Gen-Z eco-conscious menstruators for Gen-Z menstruators. 

Michael experienced workplace discrimination firsthand and witnessed the pitfalls HR and D&I leaders face on promoting an inclusive work culture. MindStand AI develops DEI goals for companies based on their internal communication flow.

Ramon Berrios.png

Ramon Berrios

CEO & Founder @

Ramon also co-founded Cenas Empresariales - an initiative that inspires underprivileged youth in a strikingly difficult economy of Puerto Rico. In addition, Ramon is known for his work in the influencer space and rapidly growth hacking his businesses to $50k/month+ within the first year. Beyond work, Ramon is centered on mindfulness, and is an avid surfer along the beaches of Dorado, PR when not hiking or snowboarding in the mountains of Colorado.

Amaan Jaikishan.png

Amaan Jaikishan

CEO & Co-founder @ DashIn

Graduated from Bryant University. DashIn provides an end to end solution for restaurants to redefine in-restaurant dining.

Anna Melamed.jpeg

Anna Melamed

CEO & Co-founder @ FourFront


For all founders, be they rough drafting or raising capital, to take the stage and pitch their work to a welcoming, constructive audience of investors, fellow founders, and all in between.

The Deal Room

Attendees (investors, founders, and otherwise) sent to breakout rooms to connect, network, discuss ideas and trends, and share exciting deal flow – specific connections made thereafter by hosts.

Next Roundtable:

December 20th @ 11am PST

Our Hosts:

Born in New Orleans, LA and currently based out of Los Angeles, CA, Cole is a member of the investing team at Struck Capital, a rising seed fund focused on providing founder-first capital for innovative entrepreneurs who want to change the world. He focuses on media, entertainment, events, and (e)sports technologies in addition to enterprise/infrastructure SaaS, edtech, and marketplaces. A graduate of Claremont McKenna College, Cole has experience in startups and management consulting, and via his advisory work with the CIE &, is committed to the long-term success of the entrepreneurial ecosystems of LA and beyond. Reach out to learn more about his work, and to get plugged into the Roundtable network! Email:

Cole Mora.jpeg

Cole Mora

Investor @ Struck Capital

jonathan kendall.jpeg

A senior at UC Berkeley in the Interdisciplinary Studies Field major, Jonathan is completing his degree while serving as a Venture Fellow for New Stack Ventures out of the greater Chicago area. With an expansive interest in economics, history, political science, philosophy, sociology, psychology, and political economics, he is keenly focused on financial strategy and business valuation. Jonathan is a dynamic investor and connector, helping lead the next generation of founder-first VCs. Reach out to learn more about his work, and the Roundtable! Email:

Jonathan Kendall

Venture Fellow @ New Stack Ventures

💫 What's Gen Z VC? 💫

Gen Z VCs is a global collective & community of 2,800+ young VCs, angel investors, founders, and aspiring VCs. Our mission is to make VC more transparent and accessible for the next generation of investors and founders, and to create a simple place for Gen Z VCs to collaborate and build real friendships. Gen Z VCs was founded by Meagan Loyst (VC @ Lerer Hippeau) in November 2020 -- feel free to check out the Slack group, our initiatives & respective channels listed below, and DM Meagan & co. with any questions or things you'd like to see :)

  • #Dealflow: Bi-weekly #dealflow roundtable series to bring together young investors and founders. Led by Cole Mora and Jonathan Kendall.

  • #Investor-Syndicate: The official investor syndicate of Gen Z VCs, called Gen Z Ventures, helping young investors write their first angel investments. Led by Erik de Stefanis.

  • #Clubhouse: Bi-weekly conversations on Clubhouse feat. Gen Z investor panelists, discussing topics about VC investing, emerging trends, and more to amplify the perspective of young investors. Led by Ben Grosse.

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