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We believe

what you know

is more valuable

than who you know.


Open Scout connects founders with investors based on shared interests rather than shared networks.

open scout




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Representing over 250 Angel Groups and 14,000 Accredited Investors.



Connections to the right investors

Share what you're working on.

Connect with interested investors.

Raise the money you need faster.

Open Scout makes connections based on what founders are building and what investors are interested in funding. We do not make connections based on whether or not a founder "knows someone who knows someone."



Personalized deal flow as a service

Tell us what you're looking for.

Engage with talented founders.

Invest in the next big thing.

Open Scout is a turnkey solution for deal sourcing and initial due-diligence. We present active deals to investors based on their specific interests and make the entire sourcing process more efficient.



Not a founder or an investor (yet),

but want to be involved?

Our scouts engage with both to help build the Open Scout community.

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Become a part of our national network of scouts.

Help the founders you believe in reach their goals.

Gain valuable sourcing and due-diligence experience.


Do I have to work with Open Scout exclusively?

We do not seek exclusivity with anyone we work with. Whether you’re a founder, investor, or scout we want you to pursue whatever opportunities you think are best and we never want to hinder that. We strive to be the best tool for finding opportunities possible, but as long as you get where you’re trying to go we’re happy.

What's this going to cost me?

Open Scout is just getting going and all we want to do is prove ourselves. We don't charge anyone anything. Totally free.

What types of investors use Open Scout?

Investors using Open Scout range from Stanford Business School students looking to make their first angel investment to associates in sourcing roles for firms like Bain Capital Ventures. The thing that all the investors using Open Scout have in common is that they’re looking to invest in projects they understand and believe in.

What fundraising stage does my startup need to be in to use Open Scout?

Stage doesn’t matter. If you’re serious about raising capital to push your idea forward you’re in the right place. That being said, we pride ourselves on being an excellent solution for first time founders looking to raise money for the first time. 

Can I become a scout?

Being a scout is about contributing to your entrepreneurial community. Being a scout is about having the tools to help a friend who’s trying to raise money for the first time find the right investor. Being a scout is about gaining experience in the startup fundraising world so that you’re better prepared when you decide to take the leap with your own idea or apply to the venture job of your dreams. If that all sounds exciting to you, please click here to let us know because you're the type of person we're looking for!

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